Finally finished. 114 miles later I am finally done. What an experience. From the Kobe event, to skid row, to malibu, to San onofre, and the southern Cali coast it was very life changing for me. Not ever being a long distance runner the last few months have been so intense and focused. I believe my basketball training is going to be on a whole new level now. I’m ready to get back after it and refocus all my attention on getting kids better prepared both on and off the court.







Yesterday’s Run. 28 miles

The surfing really wore me down yesterday. Navigating the pull outs before hitting the rocks on shore took a lot out of me. The nights run started off pretty bad but ended up strong. Surfing this morning in La Jolla. Should be much less strenuous.







End homelessness

I’ve been thinking about this since last night. Kobe saying he wants to end homelessness in LA is a great goal to have and he for sure brings a lot of awareness to the problems faced with being without shelter. The goal is highly unrealistic though. All the resources available couldn’t end homelessness. It’s a mental illness for many that will always be around. It’s not as easy as financial donations. That being said the resources that the financial contributions help to set up for sure help to combat this problem. And it is really admirable that Vanessa and Kobe do so much to set up these resources with his foundation and overall support. I for sure haven’t given much back in the form of volunteering or helping out within the Pittsburgh area and have a new goal of finding out what I can do in my community to help in some way. The more we do in our own backyard the more we will affect this problem nationwide.

Visiting skid row was every bit what I imagined by the way. It was a very sad place. Haunting actually.

I haven’t had much sleep so forgive my unfocused writing lol.



Surf day 1

Woke up late! 630 am and the tide was… Low. Disappointing. It’s supposed to come up later today but I’m running. Might have to catch a night wave or two. Unless I run in the afternoon but the heat index is bonkers today. Ready for whatever though. Lets go. Mamba mentality.



So ready to lay my head down. Should have been asleep hours ago. Finally set up camp in Malibu.

Up for 24 hrs



Had to leave Venice before I hurt someone or myself lol. Anyone who knows me knows how intense I am on the court. Especially when provoked by chumps lol. Just kidding.

Anyway, a quick lift and then it’s showtime. Been a lakers fan since Magic made it!

Home away from home (I wish)



Games were disappointing. Being here was cool and there was a lot going on. The games however were weak. That’s most outdoor courts these days though I guess. No Skill!

Maybe the strong weed aroma in the air gets to them. Dudes literally in the middle of the game stop to smoke up. It’s nuts.

Venice beach Run